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Some future ish

My friend Stavros who runs sent this earlier and it’s too cool not to share. Check it out on his blog.

Party Guy Records

Just wanted to make a quick post about Party Guy Records… Its run by my dude KUATO (of D.I.E.) and DJ Haitian.  They have some serious talent on their roster including GUTTSTAR (who was a Stereo Warmup guest way back in the day as Kid Kool Aid), and DubCHI who was on my last mixtape.

Check out their site here.

New ish coming soon


Been kinda busy since moving to Brooklyn, but have just about finished the first remix since being here.  I’t definately outside of my normal range as far as artists/songs to remix, but i think its coming out pretty good.

also got some other stuff up my sleeve too, production wise.  gotta get out and get some gigs down here, haven’t played out in a while.

going record shopping tomorrow, wish me luck unearthing some disco gems.

(internet) radio warmup

Got some love from internet radio recently…

Last week I had some tracks featured on Break Thru Radio on a show by DJ Lottie… Check it out here.

Also, tonite im the featured guest on craig mitchell‘s the show on…  tune in, 10pm-1am!

Spring Thaw

woooo… finally coming out of the deep freeze.

stay tuned for new music and mixtapes in the coming days and weeks.  Also, be sure to check out UVM’s springfest, featuring headliner Ratatat.  I’ll be opening along with montreal’s killa jewel and some other bands as well. more info on that here.