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LIL B – Cold Case

Old news at this point, but I produced the beat for a track off Lil B‘s latest mixtape, P.Y.T. / Pretty Young Thug called Cold Case. SPIN was nice enough to blog about the track and pick it as a Rap Song Of The Week when it came out, you can check that here. Stream/download the track from my Soundcloud below, and download the whole mixtape over at Dat Piff. I’ll be releasing the instrumental version as part of the “Soft Swerve” compilation I’m working on now, but in the meantime you can check it out on youtube.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Disco Llama - Ready, Aim, Fire!

Hey, celebrating spring with a new Disco Llama track. We’ve been sitting on this for a while because we were saving it for the nice weather… It just sounds like that kinda tune.

If you follow this sort of thing, Anubus used this in one of his product demo videos a few months ago, and it led to a lot of people asking about the track:

As always, this is a free download, and we encourage everyone to share it around. Tell a friend to tell a friend!

Disco Jam Remixes

I did a remix of the Disco Llama track Disco Jam. Other remixes were contributed by DJ Anubus, and Ben Arsenal + Sophic.

Check out their remixes and download them here:

New Disco Llama / Pre New Years Party

We put out a new Disco Llama EP so I thought I should post it here… This is the last of the numbered series of ep’s and completes all the tracks that were featured on the Disco Freaks mix from this past summer.

In other news, I’ll be DJing a set alongside Chris Alker (Subtrak) and David Bohl (a.k.a. Map of the World at Night) on Friday night at Heathers Bar on 13th St. (near Ave A). If you’re around in the City that night you should swing through! Facebook info is here.

DMC Online Championships

Sup y’all.  My friend and collaborator DJ Anubus entered the DMC Online Championships. You should go vote for him beacuse his routine is really good.  Check it here:

Vote here:

I have a project with Anubus coming out very soon, so stay tuned.  Ironically, it is nothing like the above routine, but it is awesome nonetheless.