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Just A (Nasty) Touch

Just A (Nasty) Touch

Biggie’s Nasty Boy vs. Slave’s Just A Touch

Just A Nasty Touch by mike device

Crinkles Remix

Cover art!

Crinkles is a band based both in Burlington VT and Brooklyn.  I knew these guys from Burlington, and wound up living just down the street from the BK contingent when I moved here.   Anyhow, I did a remix for these dudes in the spring and its finally here! Check out the track below:

from the release:

Nightlife 10″/Rmx Pkg

Release Date:August 01, 2009

This digital version contains four remixes by: Mike Device (Brooklyn, NY), Yes Giantess (Boston, MA), Moscow (South London, UK), The One A.M. Radio (Los Angeles, CA).


Second release from Brooklyn & Burlington-based group. Produced and mixed by Andrew Chugg with additional mixing by Steve Williams and Ryan Power.

This recording represents a change in production style from live & analog, as in their first S/T EP, to a more synthetic and produced sound. Their first full-length is scheduled for fall/winter 2009 and will be released by HEAVYPET.

Check out some other crinkles songs, and buy the digital release here!

Bombs Over Casbah

A little remix/mashup action for ya…OutKast vs. The Clash vs. Mike Device. Enjoy!