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New track up, for free download! I collected a bunch of clips of French Montana so I could fanute them into a new track. I thought it came out pretty cool. Stream / download below:

New Disco Llama / Pre New Years Party

We put out a new Disco Llama EP so I thought I should post it here… This is the last of the numbered series of ep’s and completes all the tracks that were featured on the Disco Freaks mix from this past summer.

In other news, I’ll be DJing a set alongside Chris Alker (Subtrak) and David Bohl (a.k.a. Map of the World at Night) on Friday night at Heathers Bar on 13th St. (near Ave A). If you’re around in the City that night you should swing through! Facebook info is here.

Disco Llama – Disco Freaks Mixtape & EP1

Oh hey, here’s a bunch of free music you can download, from my Disco Llama project with DJ Anubus.  First up is Disco Freaks, a mixtape of 12 tracks that we remixed / edited / produced:
Disco Freaks Mixtape by Disco Llama

Here’s the tracklist:
1. Get On Up
2. I Don’t Want To Be A Freak
3. Disco Jams
4. Feel The Force
5. Out Come The Freaks
6. Jimmi Aaja
7. Right To The Left
8. I Want It
9. Freak With Me
10. Get Hot Lover
11. Dancer
12. I Like What You’re Doing To Me

Next up, we released 4 tracks from the mixtape as an EP, for the dj’s out there, and people who just want a song at a time.  We’ll be releasing more tracks, so follow us on our Soundcloud page and twitter if you don’t already.
EP 1 – Free Download! by Disco Llama

Get On Up

Sup.  We’ve released another Disco Llama edit, this time of Suzy Q’s Get On Up (And Do It Again). Shout out to The Get Downnn for blogging it here, and you should go over to Hype Machine and give us a little love, since it’s there too.  Stream it below:

Get On Up by Disco Llama

Disco Llama

I’ve got a new collaborative project i the works with DJ Anubus called DISCO LLAMA.  All disco based edits, remixes, and originals.  We have a mixtape in the works, which should be dropping in the next month, composed exclusively of what we’ve been working on.  Check out a track below to get a little taste, and make sure to follow us on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Out Come The Freaks by Disco Llama