Stereo Warmup is run by me, Mike Device, a dj and producer who is currently living in Brooklyn.  Originally, Stereo Warmup was a monthly party I threw with my friends from Tick Tick in Burlington VT.  Unfortunately Tick Tick’s booking arm is now defunct, and we’re all sort of spread out all over the country.  But I still do my thing, and continue with the Stereo Warmup series of mixtapes, so I still keep this site going.  Here’s the original description from back in the day, written by the one and only Dale:

Dancing is necessary in months warm and cold. The last weekend of the month, EVERY MONTH, Tick Tick presents a sweaty evening called STEREO WARM-UP at the Monkey House. Sweating along with you with headphones on will be Tick Tick’s official DJ Mike DeVice along with new guest DJs every month. If you want to jump on a guesting spot, email booking@ticktick.org! Stereo Warm-up emphasizes: dancing together with monthly regularity, dancing friendliness to people of all insecurities and appearances, and dance music and dancing!!!! Get used to it!