New Favorite: You Dead (feat. Nacho Picasso & Mr. MFN eXquire) by Sadistik

New Favorite: You Dead (feat. Nacho Picasso & Mr. MFN eXquire) by Sadistik

From Sadistik:

(Prod. by SXMPLELIFE & Mike Device)


You dead! And that’s just how you’re gonna stay
You dead! You don’t get to see another day
You dead! We’ve been dancing on your grave, homie
You dead! Tried to tell you, you don’t want to play

[Verse 1: Nacho Picasso]

Only time I get to running’s when the feds is coming
Bury money in the bed hid the rest in London
I ain’t even going clubbing unless you get my gun in
Hit the powder pack first then I dip the blunt in
New new chick like Lauren London
Cheese steak got extra onions
For Pete’s sakes he’s so repugnant
He joined a cult, she joint a covenant
Shia LeBeouf ‘em, I don’t love ‘em
I don’t cuff ‘em, I just stuff ‘em
You buy the muff, I buy the muffin
I tie ‘em up & don’t buy ‘em nothing
Line ‘em up, divide it up,
White lines I’m high as fuck
Bust a nut & then buy a truck
Took a bump & then took a dump,
I don’t love no niggas neither,
Tattoos & I ain’t a bleeder
Tattoos on every finger,
Life’s a bitch, you aim to please her
Life’s a bitch, I’m a wife beater
Blood speckles on wife-beaters
Sold black tar wearing white sneakers
Know white boys with wide peepers
That’ll rob you blind like nice speakers
I’m a night-owl, late night tweaker
Run DMC, on DMT, keep TNT in my Adidas
I walked with Jesus, drew Mona Lisa
I taught the thesis, I’m cold as freezer
They call me Caesar I’m so facetious
Increase the peace or increase the pieces


[Verse 2: Sadistik]

I’m inundated, in a daze
Out my mind I’m in a phase
Innervate my inner-veins
My innards drained for entertainment,
At center stage,
Spill my guts on dinner plates
I’m dead awake, they’ve been afraid
My set of fangs may penetrate, uh
My limbs still feel dismembered, that’s if I still remember,
Liquid liquor liver dies like live or die by thrilling benders
Instill the pressure to break the surface & build it better,
I’ll William Tell em my aim is perfect & kill offenders
My top lip is gothic, the bottom is opposite
I’m often laconic, they not they just talk
Their toxins are toxic, obnoxious & nauseous, etcetera,
I better not get what they got I know I’m not one of em
Running with wolves, and keeping that pack,
Under the moon, I can see in the black,
Eat through the fat, hunt and pursue,
I turn nothing to something deceive and attack,
They feed on the last I proceeded to pass
And repeat it, read it on my lips
It’s chronic when they cross their tongues
Just to talk to haunted ones, you dead.


[Verse 3: Mr. MFN eXquire]

Yo, I’m a deadbeat, no buzz
I don’t give a fuck, nigga I’m focused
I’m a urban legend, like the Loch Ness
This fur’s a yeti, this fur’s a vest
This verse a blur, my words a blur
Obscure absurd, I’ma merk this nerd
Doing a drive-by, I swerve & squirt
Wave bye-bye, merge with the earth
I’m Mufasa, King Jaffe Joe
On Viagra fucking a sloppy hoe
I grip her ass like I’m kneading dough
You wear Jordan skullcaps with fucking minks,
You a fucking weirdo
I don’t give a fuck, I’m fuck-less
I’m drunk as fuck, I’m hopeless
I’m Basquiat, I am Malcolm X
Bitches in the club be like
That nigga ain’t got no type respect,
I don’t give a fuck, you still gone fuck
My pops said he like my music
I just say fuck too much
Well fuck you pops,
This how the fuck you made me
Fucking wild, fucking crazy.

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