Heartthrobz / Small is Beautiful

In July we had almost like a 2-part Stereo Warmup: on friday we threw a rager in a gutted apartment (which was rad, thanks to Noah G for making this happen) which featured the musical stylings of The Vacant Lots, Nosebleed Island, and Heartthrobz, with me djing before, after, and in between. So. Much. Fun.

Then on Saturday, we took it to Winooski where we were joined by The Small is Beautiful, perhaps better known to some as J’aime Tambeur, formerly of the Unicorns and Islands. But his new material is killer, and he blended the lines between musical performance and a dj set by plaing mostly original mashups, and having a keyboard with him that he played as well. He has a mixtape that I suggest you all go get here.

here’s some pics, hopefully more coming soon:

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