Guess who's bizzack

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything new. The summer got off to a pretty rough start (see photos below) but things have been steadily improving since then. I’ve got some exciting projects coming up with Ryan Power, Heartthrobz, and Dick Heaven, ad well as some other fun stuff on the horizon.

Unfortunately, Stereo Warmup Vol. 2 is still yet to appear, because one of my turntables broke, and then my house caught on fire, and then I got the turntable fixed, and it broke again, and then I finally got a replacement but now that needs some wires replaced. But hopefully everything will be fully back into effect soon.

Here’s some photos from when my house burned on May 1st. The fire started in the downstairs apartment on their porch and spread upwards. I lost a lot of stuff but luckily my cats made it out alive and I managed to save most of my dj and computer gear. I’m finally settled into a new home and stuff so I figured I’d post these.


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