March Party Pics + more events


Thanks to everyone who came out, more big events coming up in april:

4/9: Chow Nasty + Black Feelings with DJs Mike Device and Drew Stock @ the monkey
4/20: Velella Velella with DJs Mike Device, David Goliath and Divorce Party @ 5th element the Bakery
4/26: Stereo Warmup with the usual suspects plus DJ Llu @ the monkey

+Plus: on 4/11 our friends over at future claw are having their release party at the Imani center on n. winooski with all kinds of awesome music from Justin Miller (DFA) and Lovefingers, plus Future Claw DJs. Its gonna be rad.

Be on the lookout for Stereo Warmup Vol. 2 coming out soon… It’s been slighty delayed because one of my turntables blew up, but as soon as that’s back from the shop the mix is getting done. We’ve got some super artwork by noah for the lucky few who get a real copy so be on the lookout.

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